About Us

Lords the Label.

A diverse fashion label created for the international consumer of street smarts attitude and defiant ego. Each line features detailed, artist drawn imagery that challenge society concepts of the symbology of purity.

The story.

The world is of a hierarchy so untraceable, we’re often left wondering where we belong in among it all. In the process of identity, we find ourselves in among a reality of weeping truths and symbolic secrets. We are taught to fight for our rights but are punished for doing so. Our rights are of individual perception – no one size fits all. We encourage you to find your truth, ask why and question your existence. Be unapologetic and seize the opportunity, for what’s left unsaid – never existed to begin with. To us – you exist, in the realest possibly way you want to be.

Lords the label identifies with the individualistic mindset within us all, the part of us that wants to be known for being unique. The part of us that lives with a purpose beyond comfortable satisfaction and political correction.



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